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My Music.

Here is a small sampling of some of my latest material presented as lyric videos.  Feel free to let me know what you think.  If you are interested in purchasing any of this material for your personal collection, look for it on iTunes or other music streaming sites.


If you are a recording artist interested in any of this material or If you are looking for a powerful writer/producer to collaborate with for your next album or single project, contact me for more info. 


I will be adding new songs as I complete them.


All songs were written, arranged and produced by Darryl Duncan.


Thank you, enjoy!



[COMING SOON] I will be sharing the entire "unreleased" Polygram album project of a group called INCINQ that I discovered and produced back in 1991 with R. Kelly as the lead singer.  Nine never before heard songs.  Check back soon! 

"Make It Through"  A ballad of hope for these trying times.
(Available on all streaming
services) 100% of the proceeds to be donated to charities that support social justice and covid19 first responders. Please Share!

"SAME"  A powerful song about Racism & Hatred that deliveres a strong message of Love & Equality. (Available material - on iTunes and other services)

"18"  This song was written as a dedication to Trayvon Martin and all the young lives cut short by gun violence.  (Available material, also for sale on iTunes and other services)

"ALWAYS THERE"  A moving Contemporary Christian song - loosely based on my own personal spiritual journey. (Available material)

"GONNA LOVE ME"  This is the anthem for all women who have endured the pain and heartache from a less than faithful man.  (Available material)

"CAN YOU BE THAT MAN? This song is for any and all women who can relate to their endless search for true, powerful and real love.  (Available material)

"I DON'T CARE"  This is the ANTI-GOLDIGGER song for all those woman for whom LOVE is all that matters.  (Available material)

"DREAMS DO COME TRUE"  A song of new and everlasting love.  This is the ideal wedding song and has actually been performed at several weddings.  (Available material)

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